About Us

We are a group of four licensed guides who have been leading tours in Normandy since 2015-2016. We worked together for many years and we decided to start our own company because we have the same skills, the same values and the same vision of work.

Our mission is to promote the region that we love, bring the visitors to the main WW2 sites and deliver them History in the most interesting way. Since we know very well our Normandy, visitors will also discover our culture, our food and our traditions. Our tours are the perfect mix between learning and entertainment.

My name is Gwenaël Pierre

Gwenaël Pierre

I was born in Brittany in 1989 where I grew up. Passionate about History, I spent several summers in Normandy wandering on the battlefields. My grandparents planted the seed telling me stories about the Resistance in Brittany or the SAS paratroopers landing in the nearby forest at the early hours of D-Day.

I hold a degree in Management of small and medium businesses. During my studies, I was lucky to spend some time in the United Kingdom where I could improve my English language and embrace a profound appreciation for the culture.  

After a year spent in Montreal, Canada, the chance of life brought me to Normandy where I started to work as a guide on the battlefields in 2015 for a private company. With time passing and experience, I was able to qualify as a qualified interpretative guide as well as obtaining the national certification for guiding.

Father of two young boys, I am thankful everyday to work in a field that passionates me so much.

My name is Yannick Sterke

Yannick Sterke

I was born in Cambrai, in the North of France in 1988. I developed an early interest for History by listening to my grandfather’s memories who served during the Algerian War. A particular passion for the history and events of World War II arose due to the release of the movie “Saving Private Ryan” in 1998 when I was only 10 years old. From this point of time, I knew that I wanted to combine my passion with my career.

I hold a degree in tourism as well as the national certificate in tourism guiding which I acquired through my studies in Amiens and Boulogne-sur-Mer. During this time I obtained essential knowledge in theory and practice, through intensive studies and essential internships, such as at the 39/45 Memorial in Saint Malo. In 2013, I decided to spend one year in London to bring my English to perfection.

After returning to France in 2014, I was offered a job by the ABMC at the Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer where I gained an even deeper and precise historical understanding through training, research and work experience. Particularly the interaction with veterans and the ceremony of the 70th D-Day anniversary in 2014 have made an immense impact in my perception and awareness about the soldiers and their sacrifice for France during World War II.

My name is Pierre Meslé

Pierre Meslé

I grew up in Laval, a town liberated by Patton’s Third Army on August 6, 1944. I have always been interested in US History since high school. Once I graduated, I started to study political and contemporary History and eventually specialized in US History for my master’s degree, which I obtained in 2013. After a series of travels in Europe, I decided to find a job connected to my passion for American History.

This is how I became a tour guide in Normandy in 2015, a job I have loved ever since I started. I got the opportunity to share my knowledge with visitors from across the globe, to help them comprehend the sacrifice made by the soldiers who came ashore on D-Day as well as to show them the beauty of the Normandy region. I also had the unique opportunity to meet veterans and conduct some research for their families so they could walk in the footsteps of their relatives. Through my guiding experience, I eventually obtained the national professional guiding license.

On my free time, I like to visit new places. I lived for many years in different countries, such as Morocco or the United States, and I like to discover foreign cultures. I have also been working several winters as a wilderness guide in Lapland so I like to go back sometimes to the far North.

My Name is Mickaël Patin

Mickaël Patin

I am 33 years old and I have been working in the tourism business for 10 years. I first worked for several years in the largest WW2 museum in Normandy as a guide for school kids and I loved it. But after a few years, I wanted to be outside, to guide in English and talk about the battle of Normandy on the actual battlefields. I am proud of my region of Normandy and the culture related to it.

I was born and raised in Cherbourg. Situated north of the Cotentin Peninsula, this deep-water port was extremely important for the Allies in 1944. Liberated on the 26th of June by American divisions, the Germans decided to blow up the harbor before they surrendered. After a month of repair, it became the busiest port in the world at that time. 

Outside of work, I love to travel so that I can discover countries, meet people and learn languages. So far, I have traveled to 20 countries and I am able to understand, read and speak English, Spanish and Italian.