The Atlantikwall

A la carte private tour

Day 1

Transfer from Paris to Dunkerque
to start by understanding the evacuation that took place during operation Dynamo in 1940. During the tour, you will be placed in the footsteps of British and French soldiers desperately holding the perimeter to enable the iconic evacuation to happen. See the museum, the beach and the piers from where 340 000 soldiers left the soil of the European continent, opening the road to the occupation of France.

Day 2

The Pas de Calais had been identified by the Germans as a very strategic location and therefore witnessed some very impressive sites. You will stand at the Cap facing Dover at the Battery Todt
, in Audinghen, and follow your day by a V1 and V2 launching site in Eperlecques before driving toward Normandy.

Day 3

The Atlantikwall was designed to repel the Allies invasion. As impressive as it was, a chain is as solid as its weakest link. The Allied forces had decided to attack in the Bay of the Seine on a 60 miles stretch. This day will be dedicated to see some of the highlights of the Normandy invasion.

Day 4

Dash to Brittany to visit a German Festung
 ( a port turned into a fortress in Saint-Malo). The fall of France enabled the germans to take over the atlantic facade of France and project their mighty Uboats. This will require impressive infrastructures that you will be able to see in Lorient where Admiral Doenitz directed the operations. 

Day 5

In route to Paris, you will discover a command and control center in Batz sur Mer
, drive by another Submarine base in Saint Nazaire and grab lunch in Saumur. Before departing to Paris, we will stop at the Tank museum, one of the most impressive in Europe.

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