Mont-Saint-Michel Full Day Group Tour

PRICE: 140 €/person (entrance ticket to the abbey included)

Pick-up Point: Place de Québec, Bayeux,  8:00 a.m.

Mont Saint Michel is the most visited site in Normandy and one of the most visited sites in France. The first construction on the rock was built in 708. Indeed, the decision came from Bishop Aubert from Avranches who created the first sanctuary in France dedicated to Saint Michel.

A few decades later, it became a major pilgrimage site for all the Christians in the world. Thanks to the work of the religious community on the Mont, the site was seen as an intellectual reference in Europe where thousands of books, manuscripts and charters were written or copied.

Later, in the 19th century, the importance of Mont-Saint-Michel was in decline and it became a prison after the French Revolution in 1789. Then, from 1793 until 1863, the site had the worst reputation and was nicknamed the Bastille of the seas… During that time, the building suffered from the lack of maintenance and almost disappeared after the French stopped using it as a prison. Fortunately, it was saved from destruction and many architects renovated it from then until the present day.

Discover 13 centuries of History with our experienced guides. On the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1979, Mont-Saint-Michel is an incredible master-piece of architecture surrounded by the beautiful seascape of one of the largest bays in Europe.

(Lunch is not included in our fee)

The tour will end at approximately 4:00 p.m. in Bayeux where it started

This tour requires a minimum of two participants to take place

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