Band Of Brothers’ Full-Day Private Tour

PRICE : from 630€/vehicle

The tour starts at  9:00 a.m. at your accommodation

The book written by Stephen Ambrose and the famous 2001 TV series produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks has been a great success and left so many people with a desire to learn more about Easy Company, led by the famous 1st Lieutenant Richard Dick Winters.

This is your chance to discover the sites where these soldiers from the 101st Division were fighting during their campaign in Normandy and learn many details about the protagonists and their actions. 

You will start the day at Omaha Beach where the 1st and 29th US infantry divisions landed. Our guides, with the help of maps and pictures, will explain to you all the details of “bloody Omaha”. From the layout of the German defenses to the plight of the first waves, we will share with you the stories of these brave GI’s who conquered the beach.

Your guide will show you the American Cemetery behind Omaha beach. the resting place of more than 9,000 American servicemen and women. This sacred place, run by the American Battle Monuments Commission, is the most visited D-Day site in Normandy.

You will discover the unique site of Pointe du Hoc. Follow the footsteps of the 2nd US Ranger Battalion led by the famous Lieutenant Colonel James E. Rudder who scaled the cliffs to destroy a German gun battery threatening the whole US landing operation. Bomb craters, bunkers, dugouts, come and see this outstanding battlefield.

In the heart of the Airborne operation, you will visit the small town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise where one paratrooper got stuck on the church steeple. It was the first town to be liberated by the American paratroopers.

After lunch you will follow Easy Company led by Richard “Dick” Winters. Discover Marmion’s Farm and stand where the first newsreel pictures of the invasion were taken. Men from Easy Company stayed there for a while. 

The battle of Brecourt manor is the most famous action seen in the second episode of the TV show. The group took out four guns firing at Utah Beach, your guide will tell you everything about this exceptional battle.

The tour will end at Carentan. The town was a strategic crossroad that Easy Company captured. See the road used by these men in the third episode of the show “Band of Brothers” 

Lunch will take place in the famous town of Sainte-Mère-Eglise (Lunch is not included in our fee)

The tour ends at 5:30 p.m. at your accommodation

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This visit is also available in a non-privatized version. Discover our Band Of Brothers’ Full-Day Group Tour !